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Start Big. Start Now. Start somewhere

How crazy is the entrepreneurship spirit among Thai people?

Well, Youths in Thailand are 13% more likely to want to be entrepreneurs than the rest of ASEAN with 36% of Thai youths expressing wanting to jumpstart their entrepreneurship journey in the near future. Is it dream talking or are they walking the talk now? Currently, e-commerce is quite popular among youth with almost 80% of e-commerce players being social-sellers with the youth population making up a significant portion of the participation.

Crazy, crazy & crazy! It reminds me of the good old days when I was embarking on my journey in entrepreneurship. Never once did I regret it although with some hardship. Nonetheless, there is something I truly want to share with every youth in Thailand that I hope you don’t make the same mistake as me once. First, dream big, but start small and NOW! A lot of times, most entrepreneurs I encountered aren’t building a business. When I mean business, I am talking about a business that scales and grows eventually. Most of the time, there are entrepreneurs I have witnessed who just create another day job where they report to their new boss worse than their previous, who is themselves. Instead of a comfortable 9-5 job, they end up working almost every day and with no fixed income with addition no growth on sight and for a long long time. They care so much about needing to have a business card printed and naming themselves the founder, a well-planned plan that they love so much for its sophistication, a bright team they need to onboard and celebrated if they are from the Ivy league, a larger than life pitch deck fluffed with all kinds of predictive analysis of their future success than real cash generating machine in hand. In the end, it is a company just doing a great job in role-playing rather than truly generating dollars and cents to grow the business. When asked about where the product or platform they are building, it is always mentioned in the progress of building without validating the product-market fit. For example, there is an aspiring young entrepreneur I talked to lately. When I asked about their online store, they were saying they require programmers to build certain features with plugins etc. And then, they require a designer, a dedicated warehouse and the list goes on and on with a big assumption that once it is ready, they will hit their first jackpot. However, only to realise that the reality of business is: that winners win a lot, and losers lose a lot too. That doesn’t need to be the case. I have no great advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur, but I surely have advice on how to end up not losing it all if your dream doesn’t translate into reality.

The advice is simple. Make your house your warehouse or your office, start selling with a payment page or payment links with zero cost setup as your first e-commerce lite store and roll it out within the next few hours with no team require for a start, learn to take good photos with a smartphone, trust me, sometimes the most authentic and rawness product footage is better than a heavily photoshopped product image. If you need some touch up of the product image, use Canva because even a kid knows how to use it. Then, go live and test your dream. If it doesn’t work out, go back to the drawing board. If it works, congratulations on moving to the next stage to deliver your product. Logistics are easy nowadays. Ask me, I’ll tell you all.

In conclusion, dream big, start small. Most importantly, start somewhere. Youtube started as a dating site, Instagram started as a whiskey app, Shopify started with snowboarding, Amazon started with an online bookstore and Netflix started with selling DVDs.

Btw, for those who don’t understand the payment page/payment link which can jumpstart your online business within hours for FREE. Don’t worry, it is not because you are left out. It is just that there is just so much great stuff built every day. Don’t get suck into FOMO. Just message me, ask me how, and I would be more than willing to guide you to get things started, just like Netflix in the good old days.

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